Katinka Blackford Newman is an award-winning documentary film director, journalist and author.  


She is inspired by extraordinary stories about ordinary people and is passionate about exposing miscarriages of justice. 


Trained at the BBC, Katinka has made films for all the UK terrestrial channels and in the US for Discovery, National Geographic and Animal Planet. 


She has directed full drama-documentary shoots in challenging environments such as Peruvian prisons and jungles in the Philippines. 


Her work  includes intimate observational documentaries on sensitive subjects such as child abuse, addiction, incest and murder within a family.  

Awards and nominations include the Mental Health Media Award, Broadcast Best Documentary, BAFTA Best Factual Documentary and an Emmy. 

She is the author of a best-selling book, The Pill That Steals Lives, exposing the link between anti-depressants and mass killings.


She lives in London.


  • Two films for  the drama documentary series The Lake Erie Murders for Discovery ID.

  • Two films for the drama documentary series Autopsy: The Last Hours Of... for Reelz.

  • Seven films for the Grierson nominated drama documentary series Locked Up Abroad. NOMINEE: International Emmy for Locked Up Peru

  • Half Ton Man - a film about the world's most obese people - one of Channel 4 and Discovery's highest ever rated programmes

  • The Woman Who Can't Stop Lying - the story of a woman who built a fantasy life and what happened when she was found out. The film kicked off the flagship One Life series for BBC1 .  NOMINEE: Broadcast Best Documentary

  • A Murder in the Family - a film for ITV following a mother's quest for justice and her journey to the Philippines to confront the daughter-in-law who murdered her son

  • Surrendered Wives - a critically acclaimed film for Channel 4 following women in Los Angeles who hope to save their marriages by learning to surrender to their husbands

  • I Shouldn't Be Alive - drama documentary survival series from the makers of Touching The Void

  • Panorama, A Prescription for Murder - a one hour special based on the research from her bestselling book, "The Pill That Steals Lives", an investigation into the link between antidepressants and mass killings

  • Caraline's Story - a film  for BBC 2 following a young woman's slow suicide through anorexia. WINNER: Mental Health Media Award

  • Cut Price Package - a film for ITV following a group of British women going to Poland for cheap plastic surgery. NOMINEE: BAFTA Best Factual Documentary

Katinka Blackford Newman
Katinka Blackford Newman, Producer, Director, Journalist, Author