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SAM MAYNARD, Executive Vice President, US Factual Programming, Raw TV

“Katinka is incredibly organised, creative and diligent. She thinks and cares deeply about any project she engages with. She did a number of ‘Locked Up Abroad’ drama docs for us at Raw including one of the very first episodes. The fact that she went on to make a further six episodes is testimony to how much we rate her.”

KEELEY VAN DYKE, Executive Producer, Raw TV

"Katinka is a calm and talented director, with an acute sense of awareness who cares deeply about her stories. Her focus, sensibility and approach in story telling is second to none, she has the ability to put anyone at ease and tackle the most sensitive of subjects to create a thrilling and thought provoking film."

FIONA STOURTON, Executive Producer, Raw TV

"Katinka is a passionate film maker who is thoughtful in her approach to a subject. 'Girls Gone Wild' was commissioned at 42 minutes and turned into 90 minutes as Katinka successfully crafted a much deeper story from the initial brief. She works well with a team and is very supportive of those who work to her, enthusing them as she is herself enthused by a story so the editorial is enhanced by the collective effort."

JESSICA FOWLE, Creative Director and Founder, True North Productions

“Katinka is a talented director who’s determined to get under the surface of the story.  She’s creative and highly tenacious with a huge wealth of film-making experience to draw upon.”

TOM BRISLEY, Creative Director, Arrow Media

"Katinka is a great producer/director. On 'I Shouldn't Be Alive' she was strong on story - creating a dramatic narrative, and delivered both great visuals with the scripted reenactments and powerful interviews. Her episodes were two of the best of the run."

MARK EDMONDS, Deputy Editor, Sunday Times Magazine

“Katinka Blackford Newman is a talented writer and investigative journalist. Her brave and groundbreaking book (The Pill That Steals Lives) about big pharma cover up had an extraordinary impact and was picked up widely by newspapers such as The Sunday Times.”


"Without doubt one of the best producer/directors I  have worked for, Katinka provides both excellent editorial and creative input. Having Katinka on board a production provides a very welcome sense of reassurance that the final outcome will be a success."  

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